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Kate & Mike at Moraine Farm | Take 2

Dec 1, 2014
I love this shoot.  
And not just because I got to spend another beautiful afternoon with one of my favorite couples.  
I love it because it was not shot on their wedding day (hence the "take 2"). So, before you get that dress cleaned, preserved, and stuffed into a giant box with a teeny tiny cellophane window where you gaze at a little bit of lace every once in a while until you unpack it 25 years from now... why not wear it again first? In past years this type of thing has been popularly known as "trash the dress" sessions. However, it does NOT have to be that at all, although it certainly could be if that was your jam. But it's more so couples who want another beautiful set of photos for one reason or another. Maybe it rained on your wedding day - as is the case in this session. Maybe we didn't have time to get to that one portrait location we were really hoping for. Maybe you got married at night and had no time for natural light portraits. OR maybe you just want another set of photos with a totally different look than you had on your wedding day. Choose a different location, let your hair down, get that dramatic high fashion-y hair and makeup and rock that pair of heels you wouldn't have dared to wear on your actual wedding day. Whatever the reason, these sessions are so relaxed and fun! And what girl doesn't want to put that dress on one more time!? Am I right? Or am I right?  
Here's a few more from Mike, Kate & Wilson back at Moraine Farm for a few more portraits.  
Take 2.