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Colleen & Dan's Rock Meadow Engagement Session

Aug 28, 2015
For those of you who follow Suzanna March Photography on instagram, this story is old news. But I'm going to tell it anyhow because I still think its funny! So here goes... 
After my semester abroad in Melbourne Australia, I think I've picked up a pretty solid Australian accent (that's stuck with me for about ten plus years now). It's passable at best, but I tend to break it out on two occasions. The first is when I'm shooting somewhere I'm not supposed to be or don't have a permit for and I'm being approached by law enforcement. And the second is during a shoot when I'm just being silly or what to get a laugh out clients.  
Well, Dan is Australian and has a WAY better Australian accent than I do (obvs, because its the real thing)! That didn't stop me from sharing my accent anyhow! But luckily, I would have never needed it. Colleen and Dan were effortless together. It was so great to get out of the city and spend some quality time with these two. I am even more excited for their wedding day now!  
Thanks for a super fun night guys! Enjoy!