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Jul 23, 2016
When I was first starting my business, before I ever even shot my first wedding, I was so excited at the prospect of turning my passion into a real life career that I shot everything. I would ask people to model for me and when I couldn't find anyone I captured my "everyday". I even made my cousins model for portraits at Thanksgiving dinner once! I was constantly shooting, and when I ran out of people, I photographed my dog. But then, things got busy. And somewhere along the line, something shifted. I got caught up in the everyday of my business. I had less personal time, and... yes, I'm going to say it: my camera felt like a burden. It felt like work, honestly. Three years ago was the biggest shift. I had so much going on in my business and personal life that when I did have time to spend with friends of family, I wanted to actually spend it with them. To be present. Face to face. Not through the lens of a camera.  
But then, I realized that I had totally stopped documenting my everyday life.  
For those who know me, photographically speaking, you know that a true 100% photojournalistic approach is not always my thing. I'm sure there are some PJ photographers out there that are rolling their eyes at this. I mean, I enjoy nice light. And if I have to nudge a client in that direction and hope a moment will unfold in perfect lighting, I'm never afraid to do so. Sorry I'm not sorry - I like nice light and I'm not afraid to admit it!  
That being said, after attending Roots Workshop this year, I have learned so much more about what it means to be a photojournalist and also have found a real place for it in my business where it makes sense for me, for my clients and for the product I deliver. And that, when I apply it in a way that is my own approach to it, it's not as uncomfortable as I had thought. But, I have also learned it takes practice. And that I am certainly no expert!  
This year, in my life (both personal and business) I have decided to go back to basics. I promised myself I would shoot more. Actually take my REAL camera with me (instead of snap chatting everything) and see what I can capture without feeling like I'm missing out on the moment myself.  
And so yeah, its July (pretty much August) and I have yet to do ANY of this. But, its never to late to start, right?!  
So, here we go...  
This is Jasper. Fresh out of bed, "sleep wrinkles" and all!