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Caitlin & Mike's Connecticut Wedding at The Guilford Yacht Club

Oct 7, 2016
On this day, the weather forecast called for a total, total wash out. Thankfully, it was one of those days where the forecast couldn't have been farther off! And it couldn't have happened for two more genuine and deserving people.  
Caitlin and Mike got the most perfect weather for their Connecticut shoreline wedding and everything was beautiful, down to the very last detail! And if you read their engagement session post, you already know how thoughtful these two are. But, we go to a lot of weddings. And we were blown away by how Caitlin, Mike and their families went out of their way to make sure we were comfortable on their wedding day - even taking our lunch orders weeks in advance! That doesn't always happen! And listening to their friends and family (and even other vendors) talk about them throughout the day just confirmed what we already knew... they are just the best! 
So, consider this a BIG thank you to Caitlin, Mike, your families and all of your awesome friends for making us feel at home and allowing us to capture your day for you! xo!


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