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A North End Boston Engagement Session | Nicole & Rich

Nov 27, 2016
I hope you all had an great holiday weekend!  
I am so excited to kick off this week by introducing you to Nicole, Rich and Lily (their adorable little French Bulldog!). So, Rich is kind of a #teamsuz alumni at this point. Some of you who have been following along for years might recognize him from Nicole & Bryan's Wedding a few years back! But, that's not even the best part! When the three of us met up to chat about their wedding initially, we got to talking about where we grew up and as it turns out, Rich & I both grew up in the SAME town in CT! Same High School, same teachers (missed one another by a year or two), we even belonged to the same pool club in the summers! Small world, right?! 
I knew I loved these two the moment we met. But, I really fell in love with them during their engagement session. We just had SO MUCH fun walking all over the North End and popping bottles of champagne in the street! But the best part about this session is what happened in the little in between moments. I just kept overhearing them say how much fun they were having, or Rich would grab Nicole's hand and tell her how beautiful she looked (and yeah, we agree! Nicole, you are a total knock out!). It was really just the sweetest thing to overhear. Pat and I left with Huge smiles on our faces (covered in champagne!) and SO happy these two are on #TeamSuz! We can't wait to see what their wedding day has in store for us!