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Meghann and Shawn's Newport Wedding at Belle Mer

Dec 7, 2018
So, let me tell you about this day. It was freezing cold and raining. We were watching the hourly forecast like hawks, just praying for a break in the rain - and praying for it to coincide with the hour we had allotted for outdoor portraits after the ceremony. But, as Mother Nature reminded us that day, you simply can't control the weather. But, weddings are made up of equal parts "making a plan" and "rolling with it".  
And let me go on record by saying that if I'm going to shoot a wedding on an almost complete wash out of a day I want Meghann, Shawn and their bridal party with me EVERY time! These guys were total troupers, braving the rain and cold and goose bumps and heels in the wet grass like total bosses. AND they had an amazing time making the best of it! 
We couldn't think of a better couple to close out our wedding season with. Thanks for having us along on such a spectacular day!